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About Us
What is leardpollution.org?

leardpollution.org is a hands on group that are working to improve compliance of mining companies operating in the leard forest area. As compliance reporting is very poor and subject to corruption, it is important for the community and individuals to collect the baseline information they will need to get remediation for the future damages caused by mining.

How is Coal Mining Effecting you?
Some of the environmental effects of mining activities are:
• Toxic gases and dust are released during mining causing serious short and long term health problems.
• Noise levels outside the mining areas are experiencing large increases in noise around the clock
• The water table will be permanently lowered, risking entire aquifers becoming permanently contaminated.
• Mining is this area is responsible for extensive clearing of publicly owned property
Participate in coal mining monitoring activities
Monitoring activities are conducted within the law. Activites range from reporting an incident, setting up dust and noise monitoring equipment and conducting field surveys.
Information is collected for the following reasons:
• Provide a transparent network for reporting exceedences to mining companies
• Provide accurate surveys of noise, dust and water quality issues
• To enforce compliance by reporting incidents to the NSW government
• Enforce the compliance with environmental offsets
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